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ENROLLMENT, Eng. law. The registering, or entering in the rolls of chancery, king's bench, common pleas, or exchequer, or by the clerk of the peace in the records of the quarter sessions, of any lawful act; as a recognizance, a deed of bargain and sale, and the like. Jacob, L. D.

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One copy of the list must also be submitted in the enrolment section at the time of the submission of enrolment forms in the accounts section.
The enrolment forms can be submitted in the affiliated institutions from September 26 to October 25.
Reciprocally, holders of the Korean passport who are aged 17 years or above and have no adverse record in Hong Kong can take their Korean passport with a validity period of at least six months to the enrolment offices at Immigration Headquarters, the Hong Kong International Airport or the Macau Ferry Terminal to enrol for the e-Channel service in Hong Kong directly without performing pre-enrolment on the Internet.
Enrolment is on a voluntary basis and is free of charge.
Quirion also notes that the two- and three-year programs being offered, such as travel and tourism, were partly responsible for the increase in enrolment.
Professor John Pattison, who is in charge of undergraduate assistance at the university, said enrolment has fallen approximately 50 per cent from levels recorded 10 years ago.