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ENROLLMENT, Eng. law. The registering, or entering in the rolls of chancery, king's bench, common pleas, or exchequer, or by the clerk of the peace in the records of the quarter sessions, of any lawful act; as a recognizance, a deed of bargain and sale, and the like. Jacob, L. D.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As colleges, what have you done about the low grades and declining enrolment?" she asked.
It is also recorded in the survey report that the total enrolment in all educational institution in Pakistan was registered 50.6 million as against to 48.0 million during 2016-17 a rise of 5.3 percent.
There were 46,800 middle schools in 2017-18, with 438,600 teachers and enrolment of 7.3m, an increase of 4.3pc from the enrolment level in 2016-17.
1 per cent in higher secondary enrolment has been observed as it dropped to 1,594.9 thousand in 2016-17 against 1,698.0 thousand in 2015-16.
The study concluded that the chance of child enrolment particularly that of females depends on mothers' education more than the father's education in rural areas.
UIDAI, in a statement, called the reports baseless and clarified that "as a part of its stringent enrolment and updating process, UIDAI matches all the biometric of a resident enrolling for Aadhaar with the biometrics of all Aadhaar holders before issuing an Aadhaar."
"As on date, about 50,000 Aadhaar enrolment operators have been suspended for violating process guidelines relating to Aadhaar enrolment," he said.
The total enrolment from Pre-primary (PP) through to Class XII within the country for the current year is 168,092 with a total of 9,415 teachers.
How can student enrolment increase if existing schools are shut down?
An HRD ministry official said: " It has been found that in many cases, parents enroll children in government schools to avail benefits such as the mid- day meal and free books and uniform, but the children attend classes in private schools." Another reason for the discrepancies in enrolment figures is that under- age and overaged students have led to a burgeoning gross enrolment ratio ( GER).
By 1997, girls' participation had doubled, with their net enrolment ratio reaching 100 percent, while the gross enrolment ratio climbed to nearly 125 percent.