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b), ensample, ensample as thus and ensample why (MED, s.
yet to sharpe your byleue the more to this holy sacrament / I wyll tell you this ensample / Narracio We rede in saynt Gregoryes tyme [.
contends that Spenser merely echoes a literary commonplace for the Calender's classical conclusion, 'folowing the ensample of Horace and Ovid' in staking his final claim to fame.
But certeinly no word ne writeth he Of thilke wikke ensample of Canacee, That loved hir owene brother synfully - Of swiche cursed stories I sey fy
Instead, the climactic moment of the subjection of Melior to the light of the lantern, when her protective and magical veil of darkness is defeated by Partonope's light is what signifies his victory over her and forms the central message of the story: "[e]che woman may Ensample take / ffor fayre wordys men Conne well make / Ynow tylle they haue alle her lust / Her love they conne neuer after trust / But besy hem tyll they haue a new" (PB, ll.
As a mock Italian novella, the story of 'Ferdinando Ieronimi' is as morally ambiguous as the English version, or, indeed, as any narrative by Bandello, even though Gascoigne offers a throwaway justification at the end: 'I haue recited this Fable which maye serue as ensample to warne the youthfull reader from attempting the lyke worthles enterprise' (sig.
Gordon's "virtues still survive,/ Their paramount ensample to impart" (3).
A rare ensample of friendship true, it is not legend lie But a thing once done indeed, as histories do descry, which done of yore in long time past, yet present shall be here Even as it were in doing now, so lively it shall appear.
folowing the ensample of Orace and Ovid in the like.
Some citizens wives, upon whom the Lord for ensample to others hath
11d) and pat alle may take ensample by pe, her lord aftirward trewely forto serue.