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More than 2,000 delegates gathered in Beijing's Great Hall of the People for the final approval process to enshrine "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era" into the Communist Party constitution of China.
Tunisia's governing Islamist party said itwill not enshrine Islamic law in the new constitution and will maintain thesecular nature of the north African state, putting it sharply at odds withhardliners.
The Government have moved to enshrine the document - which sets out broad obligations to service personnel and their families - in law and added a number of new benefits to its provisions.
So on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2011, allow me to congratulate the Egyptian people for their tremendous achievements in regard to freedom of expression, and to wish them the best of luck as they work to enshrine that freedom in their new government.
Senate appearance of the Federal Marriage Amendment, which aims to enshrine antigay marriage discrimination in the U.
Established in the American Royal Headquarters building, this special place will enshrine livestock publishing's top icons and permanently display the livestock publishing industry's rich history.
A charity campaigning for men's rights yesterday attacked a decision in Brussels to enshrine in law cheaper car insurance for women.
It is not the task of our government and elected representatives to enshrine in our laws the religious point of view of any one faith," the religious leaders' letter reads.
This new pact would enshrine a planetary regime built around a one-sided bill of rights for corporations and wealthy investors, not the human rights of individual citizens.
According to the same report, it was also agreed on submitting to the plenary session for examination the proposal to enshrine in the Constitution the higher islamic council, the higher education, training and scientific research council, the higher authority of Tunisians abroad and the higher al-ifta authority.
Del Rosario reminded the assembly that the United Nations was created "to protect the weak from the strong, to provide for the equality of all sovereign states, and to enshrine the rule of law as the governing principle in regulating international disputes.