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BEIRUT: The Sunna Movement announced its charter Monday which enshrines the rights of the Sunni sect in Lebanon.
Visits by Japanese leaders to Yasukuni, which enshrines convicted Class-A war criminals from World War II along with Japan's other war dead, have triggered condemnations from South Korea and China, both of which suffered in the past from Japanese military aggression.
The Fiscal Responsibility Bill enshrines in law the Government's aim of halving the Au178 billion deficit within four years.
Article 28 of the Charter enshrines the right of workers to negotiate and conclude collective agreements and to take collective action to defend their interests, including strike action.
The key dilemma facing Afghanistan remains the fact that the country's constitution upholds the right to freedom of religion on the one hand, but enshrines the supremacy of Sharia law which rejects religious freedom, on the other.
If this is the case, then Koizumi should not visit Yasukuni Shrine, which enshrines Class-A war criminals along with other war dead.
The new Constitution is a privateer's charter that effectively enshrines the pursuit of free market liberalisation and consequent public service cuts into law.