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In a press release issued Monday, the President of AIHR called on deputies, political parties and organisations to advocate together for enshrining this "historical" document.
Europe is working to hammer out a new treaty enshrining tougher fiscal rules, which leaders agreed at a summit in early December.
But even within Japan, recent opinion polls show that last month's revelation that the late Emperor Hirohito was unhappy with Yasukuni for enshrining the 14 Class-A war criminals has shifted the public decisively against visits by the premier.
Louisiana, which overturned Louisiana's ban on mail-order insurance contracts sold by out-of-state companies, a unanimous Court explicitly recognized the right to pursue a calling, enshrining the broad 14th Amendment right to "liberty of contract.
Is that not why we have taken the trouble of enshrining in our constitution the Charter of Rights and Freedom--Canada's most precious gift to the world?
This gives the presidency to a three-member council composed of a Kurd, a Sunni Arab, and a Shiite Arab--thus enshrining, he says, "regionalism and ethnicity in the political system.
Global rights for disabled: the United Nations are close to an agreement enshrining the rights of the world's disabled, despite indications the United States, a pioneer in the field, won't sign the pact.
They believed that the old poor law did not give anyone a right to relief, instead enshrining charity as a benevolent relationship among neighbors.