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For protection from predators, these nymphs enshroud themselves in hard cases.
The lawn beyond was sheeted with a slight covering of snow, which here and there sparkled as the moonbeams caught a frosty crystal; and at a distance might be seen a thin, transparent vapour, stealing up from the low grounds, and threatening gradually to enshroud the landscape.
24 high-pressure misting nozzles will enshroud the scene in a light fog, and a complex system of hydraulics simulates realistic animal movements.
Records showed that the balloon burst when it reached the stratosphere, one of the four gaseous layers that enshroud and protect the planet.
Today, as I trundle around in my power chair bumping over potholes and reversing over raised kerbs and generally trying to survive the award-winning urban infrastructure, I talk to those who are out of their cars or homes, not many as most seem to prefer to enshroud themselves in the armour of presumed safety.
This is an account of the more-than-hundred-years attempt to roll back the stone from the tomb and unloosen the centuries of cobwebs that enshroud Mark and Matthew, Luke and Paul, John and the author of Hebrews.
Pertemps Bees, despite the name, looked to have rekindled some of it last season when they beat Wasps only for reality to enshroud the part-timers in the next round.
Thomas Budderwitz's set design plops Richard's predecessor-brother King Edward IV (the indispensable Mitchell Edmonds) down on a throne of blood, and Paul Dinkel's lighting design brings out the lurid crimson shades of the damask drapes that enshroud the stage.
According to their theory, the crash pulverized enough rock to enshroud the entire Earth in a sunlight-blocking dust cloud that cooled the planet and halted plant photosynthesis.
To her point: flame-orange morning bathes icy aspens; gray mist enshrouds a pine-covered ridgeline; sunrise bursts through a rich green tree line.