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Users open up the Microsoft friendly toolkit and within a few minutes have created a virus that can potentially enslave a computer.
If, by the 16th century, it had become acceptable for Europeans to enslave other Europeans, by the end of the 19th century, it was unacceptable to enslave anyone.
In setting up their own New World colonies, the English did not rush to enslave Africans, in part because they did not want to introduce such outsiders into their midst.
Thus, the Spanish Crown enacted many laws to "protect" them, but in reality, they fared no better than the Black enslaved because the avaricious Spaniards always found reasons to enslave the indigenous populations to their detriment.
However, before his death, Las Casas realized that "it was as unjust to enslave Negroes as Indians and for the same reasons.
He's not coming to enslave Denver, but he is going to put her to work in domestic service.
By objectivization," Berdyaev goes on to say, "the subject enslaves itself and creates the realm of determinism.
Writing in the May/June Mother Jones, Jeffrey Klein manages to argue that nicotine enslaves its users and, at the same time, that Tobacco Inc.