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Homosexuals are ensnared in a lifestyle that can't respond to longings of the heart
Gaslight (MGM: 1944) This taut psychological thriller about a young bride ensnared in the tightening web of her husband's sadistic schemes earned Ingrid Bergman an Oscar and features extraordinary performances by Charles Boyer and the very young Angela Lansbury.
At Beaconsfield Gallery in London the existence of thirty-five power outlets set into the floor inspired a whirring, humming appliancefest, where radios, TVs, videos, and projectors borrowed from Takahashi's friends were corralled into squared-off sections and ensnared in tangled masses of snaking cable.
Phrases like securities and wire fraud, insider trading and FBI probe became common in discussing the big Internet portal that became ensnared in an accounting scandal that swept the business world.
In the modest-sized North America Divided, 1991, our view of the horizon at dusk is obstructed by a broken tree branch ensnared in a single strand of barbed wire and suspended in mid air.
20, 1998--Trey Parker stars in "Orgazmo," as Joe Young, a pious but hunky Mormon who is ensnared into the world of adult filmmaking and makes it big as the superhero "Orgazmo.
As the dispute mushroomed, a half-dozen lawsuits between RFI, the city and the Castaic Lake Water Agency ensnared the project, and made progress all but impossible, officials agree.
And I'm impressed how unobservant people are, ensnared in these virtual communications.
Defense attorney Robert Sheahen contended that the defendants were ``singled out as a test case for the new law,'' and authorities ``set them up, ensnared them and brought them here to court.
In the end, ``Unmade Beds'' is a brash, vigorous, sometimes surprisingly moody study of four strikeout artists ensnared by their hangups, more alone than they want to be in the big city.