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WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump said Thursday he "did not make" and doesn't have any recordings of his private conversations with ousted FBI Director James Comey, speaking up on Twitter after a monthlong guessing game that began with him delivering an ominous warning and ended with his administration ensnared in more scandal.
Kassis pressed the point, saying, "Once a company is ensnared, it is really impossible for the investigation not to affect how they do business.
The contract has as its object the shelter custody and maintenance for a forecast of 150 stray dogs ensnared the entire territory of the town of Casoria (NA) in accordance with Law 281/91 and Regional Law 16/2001.
Summary: UAE victims are among those ensnared by an international gang of cyber criminals who lure people into sharing sexually explicit video clips, before putting them online and demanding money for their removal.
Deceit Beware you are Not caught in a Web of deceit Like a fly in a Spider's web Terrified frightened Ensnared I ask you Beware be very careful Do not be foolhardy KEVIN BROWN
One day, you're going about your usual business - the next an old flame has you ensnared in a robbery plot.
chairman issued the following statement in response to the phone-hacking scandal that has ensnared his paper News of the World.
Summary: Sex offender Peter Chapman has admitted raping and murdering a teenager who he ensnared using an internet social networking site.
He is already ensnared in several lawsuits with lenders after defaulting on millions worth of mortgage and mezzanine loans related to his Sheffield57 conversion, and earlier this week, rumors surfaced that he was splitting with his wife of more than two decades, Liz Macklowe, daughter of developer Harry Macklowe.
The truck was ensnared 10 km from Mangala while returning from Pariak, Bor County.
We don't know where to begin with the latest mess that has ensnared Sen.