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Charlie alone failed to catch his shy bird, and the oftener she escaped the more determined he was to ensnare her.
A man like Barbicane would not dodge with his enemy, or ensnare him, would not even maneuver
Somehow or other, by dint of pushing and pulling, they did attain the street at last; where Miss Miggs, all blowzed with the exertion of getting there, and with her sobs and tears, sat down upon her property to rest and grieve, until she could ensnare some other youth to help her home.
This was the man who had been foremost in the plot to ensnare me, and grasp my wealth.
The other is Newt's now-famous "pouting sex kitten," Erica, an exotic German spy, who ensnares the President's chief of staff by nuzzling his neck and biting his shoulder as "her fingers entwined the fur of his chest.
It diminishes respect for law, loses real criminals through the cracks, and even ensnares many an innocent--all because it costs so much to adjudicate the obvious when there are no penalties for advancing idiotic theories or wild-eyed objections.
There Vonnegut's hit-and-run style of brief chapters propels readers, and Campbell's first-person narrative ensnares them in the dizzying ambiguity of his moral predicament.
Ultimately, censorship ensnares those whom it supposedly protects in the self-defeating web of victimization, while bestowing hero status on social scofflaws.
A plot partly organized by her own brother to profit from a gambler's notions regarding her albinism soon ensnares her.