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In a letter from TEI president Ray Rossi to Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Bill Thomas, TEI opposed efforts to codify the judicial doctrine, asserting that the provision is too broad in scope, ensnaring many wholly legitimate transactions.
In a nutshell: Spiffy evocation of the colorful hell ensnaring gamblers.
I utter such criticism with reluctance, for McNay is in some measure echoing a sturdy refrain of traditional isolationism--the perfidious British sapping and ensnaring the gullible Americans to their own ends.
before 1992) felt compelled to break their bonds with the Archbishop of Canterbury because of the ensnaring "modernism" of the prevailing Anglican leadership (The Rock, Dec.
Any thrashing to get loose of one burr will cause its victim to hit neighboring burrs, ensnaring it more.
A SOUTHPORT man accused of travelling to the US to have sex with a 14-year-oldgirl, after allegedly ensnaring her in an internet chatroom, was due in court today.