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The first such cables to enter the market have chosen the Ensphere ESI-XVR10100 as an acknowledgement of our design and delivery capabilities.
Our first optical Thunderbolt cables chose an optical engine design based on the Ensphere ESI-XVR10100 due to its excellent match with our overall design requirements.
Ensphere Solutions, an emerging leader in advanced communications semiconductor ICs, today announced that the aggregate shipments of ESI-XVR10100 to multiple customers have exceeded 500k devices in 2011.
Ensphere will offer this core as a standalone IP for integration in devices being developed by its customers.
Introduction of ESI-TRX401 is a significant milestone for Ensphere, our goal is to offer a mature and conformant ISM radio core allowing our customers to focus on other aspects of their program.
We have worked closely with Intel on this new design to assure optimal performance and minimal power dissipation, which is a key requirement for future portable applications," said Hessam Mohajeri, Ensphere Solutions Chief Executive Officer.