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If something goes wrong with the product, he concluded, "either by design or defect, and injury ensues, then its makers are held responsible.
Henry handles the ball in a World Cup qualifier and a goal is scored, Lampard sees a shot bounce off the crossbar and over the line but no goal is given and a Czech player blatantly dives in the penalty area against Scotland to gain a penalty and a goal ensues.
However, havoc ensues when the group of mostly newly-single, or at least newly-divorced, friends meets for supper at Lucy's place.
Flirting ensues, the guy gets cocky because two girls dig him, and the whole thing builds when a third girl enters the scene.
Along with Sarah, Ryan sets out to find the evildoers who are plotting against Echelon and to stop them before worldwide disaster ensues.
A lively history ensues, pairing political decision processes with insights on the eventual war between the states, Slave Nation is a work of painstakingly thorough scholarship combined with a thoroughly "reader friendly" text that is completely accessible to the non-specialist general rader and a welcome, enthusiastically recommended addition to any personal, community, or school library American History collection or supplemental studies reading list.
An excellent, fast-paced story of feathered battles ensues.
A nightmare whirlwind that will test him to his limits ensues, in this gripping page-tuner that leaves the reader in suspense to the very end.