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At least three policemen were killed in the gunfire that ensued.
However, when everything is laid on the table, people were displaced, species were driven to overpopulation or extinction, and diseases and famines ensued.
When the two officers tried to reason with him, a fight ensued.
Another struggle ensued and they both wound up going out the front door.
The protagonist's mother was the daughter of free blacks in Philadelphia; kidnapped from her parents by slave catchers, she was enslaved on a Virginia tobacco plantation for 37 years before making a daring escape to Gettysburg on the night before the historic Civil War battle ensued.
They escaped but were caught and five more years of detainment in a Moroccan city ensued.
Chaos ensued as the boats competed against each other and made contact with another boat that unfortunately got in the way.
He was able to retrieve his gun from the ground, and a struggle ensued.
Their synthesizers, rhythm machines, and loops in effect presaged the digital sampling technology of the mid '80s and all that ensued.
Many scientists had speculated that a battle between the destructive T1 and protective T2 cells then ensued.
A firefight ensued between the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel and suspected pirates off the waters of Zamboanga on Tuesday afternoon as the government's maritime security personnel rescued a cargo vessel from being hijacked.