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He points out that when, as we say, we merely "imagine" things, there are no such effects as would ensue if the things were what we call "real.
One shall wear white, another red, One yellow, another blue; Thus in disguise to the exercise We'll go, whate'er ensue.
Then no man, however wise, will be able to avert the consequences that must ensue.
On the other side, the commodities of usury are, first, that howsoever usury in some respect hindereth merchandizing, yet in some other it advanceth it; for it is certain that the greatest part of trade is driven by young merchants, upon borrowing at interest; so as if the usurer either call in, or keep back, his money, there will ensue, presently, a great stand of trade.
The watchers rose to their feet, but stood firm, prepared for whatever might ensue.
A rumour had now got into circulation, too, which diffused a greater dread all through London, even than these publicly announced intentions of the rioters, though all men knew that if they were successfully effected, there must ensue a national bankruptcy and general ruin.
Frankie is now head of the Family, and much of what ensues arises out of her need to retain control and to exact revenge for the murders of some of those closest to her over the years.
Henry handles the ball in a World Cup qualifier and a goal is scored, Lampard sees a shot bounce off the crossbar and over the line but no goal is given and a Czech player blatantly dives in the penalty area against Scotland to gain a penalty and a goal ensues.
However, havoc ensues when the group of mostly newly-single, or at least newly-divorced, friends meets for supper at Lucy's place.
Flirting ensues, the guy gets cocky because two girls dig him, and the whole thing builds when a third girl enters the scene.
A lively history ensues, pairing political decision processes with insights on the eventual war between the states, Slave Nation is a work of painstakingly thorough scholarship combined with a thoroughly "reader friendly" text that is completely accessible to the non-specialist general rader and a welcome, enthusiastically recommended addition to any personal, community, or school library American History collection or supplemental studies reading list.
Conflict ensues when both reach the yellow lake at the same time, but when one Shader gets in trouble a Tinter rushes to his aid without thinking about it, and both tribes learn the values of cooperation and sharing.