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September 18, 2006: One offence of failing to ensure a child attends school.
Careful design can ensure that the individual components of the process can be incorporated to achieve an efficient, reliable and accredited control system.
And organizations like NAICC will be expected to ensure their members are prepared.
The person must monitor compliance by the agents and brokers, update the program to keep current with new developments, and ensure there is adequate training.
Because tape can be kept for many years, a good archiving mechanism is imperative to ensure the recoverability of the key when the media is recovered, replaced, or expired.
Investigators should take nothing for granted; managers must ensure that investigators interview those individuals whose jobs require them to volunteer information, as well as locate and question witnesses who departed the area.
Clearly defining records responsibilities within the records management program ensures the ultimate capture of significant records in the archives.
Ensure you plan, develop, and maintain responsive life cycle software support capabilities and viable support options.
This funding supports the educators and researchers in schools, universities, or museums who ensure our future.
Raytheon business leaders ensured in their communications that they did not lose sight of the Raytheon mission to ensure customer success through delivering products that meet end user needs.
Related to the Privacy Rule, policies and procedures must be in place to ensure that when staff are terminated, so is their authorization to access ePHI.
Ensure that you are on operating systems that you patch for software updates and consider either configuring an auto-update feature or invest in patch management software, such as Shavlik's Hfnetchk or St.