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c The charities arer not house clearancer agencies and if theye arer to be helped with donations, whether it is in goods, volunteers' r time or cash, it needs to be useful to that charity to ensurer its purposer is fulfilled.
We havea been followingo the Welsh Goveo rnment's' disciplinaryr procedr -ure r in order r to ensurer therer is a full and fair inven stigation.
r The meetings arer concerned with the options for organising r consultant-led maternity and neonatal care,r in-patient childrh en'r s ' servicesr and emergencr yc medicine (A&E) to ensurer patients in South Walesa havea access to safe, high quality and sustainablea carer inthe fu f tut reu .
But some arer complaining that they e arer finding the forms confusing to fill in and arer needing help to ensurer it's' being answes red proper r lyr, y whichc is a worry.
Whistle-blo W wingo must be alloweo d and supported throughout r our NHS, to ensurer that patients' safety is not put at risk.
e" " Robert Oxley,e campaign directorr of the TaxPa ayP ery s'r Alliance pressur re r groupr , said: "TheT Welsh Goveo rnment needs to ensurer thatanyrn e-furbishment represents r value a for taxpayea rs' moneye and doesn't c' ost the earth.
As he noted, "What is to ensure the inflexible adherence of the Legislative Ensurers to their own principles and purposes?
You have often heard me state that in the future environmental health should have fewer employees and that those remaining should act as consultants, assessors of the population, and ensurers of protection.
On of the most powerful ensurers of nondiscriminatory patient care can be the provisions in employment contrcts and hospital staff by-laws.