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The GAC Publications Committee plays a critical role in the progress of Canadian earth science by ensuring the publication of books and periodicals that ensure the free flow of information on our research and professional community activity.
Reputation management is also about ensuring that an organisation's values are reflected in its operations.
Ensuring that providers use comprehensive informed-consent procedures, improve communication and launch Web-based patient education tools can serve as an important step to reduce the frequency and severity of malpractice litigation,
Ensuring that the data between two sites stays consistent at all times
This provides an important business benefit because along with ensuring an outstanding user experience, we are confident the content traveling in and out of the marketplace is secure across the Internet.
Everyone is using and everyone sees the value of ensuring those services work properly.
The English-Pomeroy Bill advances this policy by ensuring that only the most medically complex Medicare beneficiaries have access to LTAC services.
Ensuring complete, accurate data is critical for our physicians and researchers to provide leadership and services to restore and improve the health of children.
SAN DIEGO -- At the National Education Computing Conference, 8e6 Technologies, a security company dedicated to Internet filtering and reporting, is sharing its back-to-school best practices with K-12 administrators, educators and IT managers responsible for ensuring the safety and security of students using the Internet.
Email storage utilization trending at the enterprise, storage group and mail store levels for proactive management, ensuring continuous service availability and effective disaster recovery strategies.
Silver Peak GMS reduces the operational burdens associated with WAN acceleration across a large distributed enterprise, ensuring maximum application performance across the WAN with minimum cost and effort.