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Nasdaq:EMBT), a leading provider of strategic data management solutions, today announced "Key Ingredients for Ensuring Data Privacy," a framework that provides organizations with a roadmap for understanding data privacy threats, identifying core requirements, and developing processes, policies, and solutions to minimize risk.
Since we track the progress of our 40,000 students from application to graduation, data quality is critical to ensuring we're working with accurate information.
The MyKad utilizes the latest chip and biometric technology, ensuring a high level of accuracy, enabling more than 24 million Malaysians to transact conveniently and securely with the government and private sectors through the use of a single smart card.
Based on innovative secure, private, peer-to-peer synchronization technology, BeInSync allows business users to free their mind from focusing on the access technology and to concentrate on their work, by ensuring their data is seamlessly available where and when they need it - at work, home or on the go.
Some control systems can make minor adjustments to less active filler ingredients, within specification limits, in an attempt to maintain the overall volume of the batch, thus ensuring optimum mixing.
That's in addition, naturally, to managing pest and plant diseases, enhancing yields, ensuring soil vitality season after season and more.
In other words, the regulation makes the insurance company responsible for ensuring its agents and brokers take appropriate steps to prevent money laundering or terrorist funding.
The most challenging part of any key management system is ensuring that, once a key has been exposed or retired, or the data media on which it was stored has been lost, deleted, stolen, or replaced so it cannot be recovered by any malicious party.
We enhance our wealth by ensuring a supply of energy and materials, and by facilitating construction and land use management.
The key to ensuring airworthiness and successful integration of anything in a complex system is system safety engineering, the function that joins together the disparate engineering functions and test and evaluation and that ensures the overall safety of the components, integration, and design.
a leading provider of proven enterprise IT reliability solutions for business continuity, has introduced the next generation of its high availability solution SteelEye LifeKeeper for mySAP Business Suite, the first and only single solution for ensuring high availability of mySAP Business Suite on Linux.
Ponce, who will be in charge of ensuring security within and around the airport, was selected in September as the assistant federal security director for inspection at Burbank and Long Beach airports.