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Their topics include the memorial vernacular arc between Berlin's <Denkmal/> and New York City's 9/11 memorial, entangled and missing memories in contemporary British and Irish fiction, the reception of Holocaust commemoration music, from stigma to medal of honor agent of remembrance: Auschwitz tattoos and generational change, and entangled memories and the combating of Holocaust fatigue: contrasting the approaches of Anglo-American Holocaust Cabaret.
Upon reaching Masoom Shah road his shawl got entangled in coverless chain of the loader and he got strangulated.
Arrays of entangled atoms suspended in laser light beams, known as optical lattices, are one approach to creating the logic centers of prototype quantum computers, but an entangled state is difficult to maintain more than briefly.
This suggests the one-ton whale became entangled in rope and drowned when it became unable to reach the surface of the water.
Quantum systems can become entangled through various types of interactions.
Each situation is unique, and entangled whales can be unpredictable.
KeedeRoll[TM] 100 - An entangled net uncoupling mat designed to keep tiles isolated and prevent any transfer of cracks.
It took relatives and neighbors almost five hours to locate Mark's body that was entangled with the roots of a riverbank tree in the vicinity of Sitio Duwal-og in barangay Ipil at 1:40 p.
Instead, there must be multiple chronologies that are entangled, sharing a quantum connection usually reserved for groups of particles rather than chunks of time.
Sharif said that Pakistan has been entangled in various problems, which requires some time to be resolved.
Such operations are among the hardest the team has to perform, he stressed, and there is also the added danger of the diving gear getting entangled and the diver's movement impaired.
But waist drawstrings can become entangled in bus handrails or doors, playground equipment and other common items.