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Observations about "active" line entanglements were derived from aerial photographic surveys conducted by the NSB and NOAA (Vate Brattstrom et al.
Yet theoretical physicist Mark Van Raamsdonk suspects that entanglement and spacetime are actually linked.
The correlations between the SCG failure times with both geometries, and microstructural parameters, such as, molecular weight between entanglements and tie molecules content were explored in order to shed more light on this phenomenon.
According to the minister "resolving entanglements between various ministries is one of the economic reform mechanisms that Egypt is undertaking at the moment.
Especially as this one could prove to be the longest-running entanglement of them all?
In sections on mentalities, social issues, and critique he examines such topics as the Christian nation, the Christian myth and legacy, the entanglements of Christian mentality, parsing the entanglements, and rethinking mentalities.
The show highlights include the latest generation entanglement tester called the EST.
During the test, the ACE also measures two important yarn parameters called maximum skip and no show to determine the sections of the yarn that has been missing entanglements.
Fraudulent transactions at Parmalat were possible because of affiliations between directors and owners, independent board members' lack of expertise in finance and risk management, and corrupted entanglements with statutory auditors and the investment banks engaged by the company to place risky debt securities among retail investors.
She isn't, however, prepared to find herself in multiple romantic entanglements.