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But unlike the anti-German entente a century ago, the aim is not to contain China.
The Riyadh-Damascus entente began almost immediately after Saudi King Abdullah on Jan.
Entente Cordiale, who is owned by Newsells Park Stud, has a filly foal by the stud's resident Mount Nelson at foot and was covered by Pivotal this spring.
Bulgaria was the last to join the war on the side of the Central Powers against the Entente when, in 1915, Bulgarian troops invaded Serbia in a co-ordinated move with German and Austro-Hungarian forces.
It's good to see that our visions are undimmed as we welcome a new entente aimable and put all our futures into the friendly French nuclear basket.
But the Nicolas Sarkozy visit has stirred within me the ashes of entente cordiale.
IN a week when Nicolas Sarkozy urged an "entente amicable" between Britain and France, Liverpool opted for an entente musicale.
Par cette entente, le departement de chimie de I'UQAM a reconnu la pertinence et les objectifs d'apprentissage du programme de baccalaureat applique de La Cite collegiale et devient le premier etablissement universitaire a accepter les admissions de ses finissants a des etudes de cycle superieur.
The city has won Entente Florale Gold Medal - the highest accolade in Europe.
In April, Britain and France signed the historic Entente Cordiale, designed to end all conflicts between the two countries.
It also marked the 100th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale - the agreement between old enemies Britain and France to settle future disputes amicably.
The event was part of a British state visit to France to celebrate the centenary of the Entente Cordiale.