entente cordiale

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Dr Duncan Baird, of the University's School of Medicine, is this year's winner of the Entente Cordiale Cancer Prize.
Mr Chirac is visiting London as part of centenary celebrations of the Entente Cordiale.
Recently, for example, Mine attended a lunch at the British Embassy in Paris celebrating the historic Entente Cordiale between France and Britain.
But the eight-times tour winner is ready to become the torch-bearer in another staggering display of entente cordiale -which should benefit the Warwickshire Lawn Tennis Association.
46 mins: relaxed Becks even has time for a spot of entente cordiale with the old enemy, warmly shaking hands with French sub Vieira.
This consultation is to:: - Development banks by performing dynamic lighting on the left bank between the bridge of the entente cordiale and central level, and on the right bank between the bridge and the bridge entente cordiale SNCF (Optional encryption is requested infrastructure works for a future network wi fi.
However, apparent moves towards an entente cordiale may be about to go into reverse.
Both sides were recently deemed unsuitable for Super League and a feeling of entente cordiale may replace the usually hostile terrace atmosphere.
And at the end of it all, French and English kids got together in a spirit of entente cordiale to compile a photographic record of their visit.
This entente cordiale could soon be shattered, and it's all down to - television.
Entente cordiale is alive and kicking as Kilmarnock keeper Alan Combe proved after booting Hibs star Guillaume Beuzelin in the head
But in a sign of entente cordiale between the two nations, Welsh medic Sean Clarke stepped forward to give French supporter Michel Tastel the kiss of life.