entente cordiale

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Technical multi line market, maintenance and operation of the site Cultural Centre of the Entente Cordiale to Condette.
ENGLAND v France 1925 kisses off in an entente cordiale from captains Carmen Pomies (left) and Lancashire lass Florrie Redmond.
1904: Britain and France signed the Entente Cordiale, a recognition of each other's colonial interests - the eventual result after the two nations came to the brink of war in 1898 over their claims to the strategic Nile village of Fashoda in southern Sudan.
They lost 3,000 nicked during the first three months of the scheme, I don't want to violate the entente cordiale but there are obvious comparisons to be drawn between our nation and the light-fingered Parisians.
Richard McCombrenews the entente cordiale in a Birmingham suburb
Pride of place in his stamp collection is a set issued by the Post Office in 2004 to celebrate the Entente Cordiale, a gift from the Queen when the Sarkozys stayed at Windsor Castle last year.
NEXT month, Teesside firms can join a business visit to two key cities - or "poles d'excellence" (industrial clusters) - in Paris and Lyon as UK Trade and Investment North East cements the entente cordiale.
Who will survive, and more importantly, who will get to enjoy an entente cordiale with the hottie?
Thatcher's visit to France today got off to an excellent start before it even began, as President Giscardd' Estaing's staff studied her speech in Birmingham last Satruday and decided it augured well for a renewal of the Entente Cordiale (Sylvia Barnes cables form Paris).
Coverage spans the period from the start of the Crimean War (1854) to the Entente Cordiale of 1904.
There was not much entente cordiale from the Citroen driver either.
The incoming Liberal government could not buy the economic position he had introduced, and instead strengthened the Entente Cordiale, increasing the involvement with Europe.

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