enter an appearance

See: appear
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And take notice that, unless you do enter an Appearance you may be held to have admitted the said claim, and the Plaintiff may proceed therein and judgment may be given against you in your absence without further notice.
Any class member who does not request exclusion from being a class member may also enter an appearance through their own counsel at their own expense.
However, the record indicated that the defendant Charles Howard was duly served with process, failed to enter an appearance, or otherwise defend the suit brought against him by Walker.
Any shareholder of Ditech who satisfies this requirement may enter an appearance through counsel of such member's own choosing and at such member's own expense or may appear on his, her, or its own.
You, John Dunne are required to enter an Appearance to the above proceedings either personally or by your Solicitor in the Central Office of the High Court, Dublin 7 within eight days from the date hereof and take notice that in default of you failing to do so the Plaintiff may proceed herein and judgement may be given in your absence.
Any shareholder of BankAtlantic Bancorp who satisfies this requirement may enter an appearance through counsel of such shareholder's own choosing and at such shareholder's own expense, or may appear on his, her, or its own.
You may enter an appearance through your own attorney by mailing a Notice of Appearance to the Clerk of the Court, 85 Marconi Blvd.
00 o'clock in the forenoon or at the first available opportunity thereafter Counsel on behalf of the above named Plaintiff will apply to the Circuit Court sitting at Court Number 33 at the Four Courts in the City of Dublin for an Order for Judgement in default of Appearance against the First Named Defendant the said First Named Defendant having failed to enter an Appearance within the time prescribed by the Rules of the Circuit Court and for such further Order as may to the Honourable Court seem fit including an Order providing for the costs of this application.
The direction on damages was issued against Mr Keeley based on his failure to enter an appearance.
You have the right to enter an appearance in the lawsuit either personally or through your attorney if you wish.
As a result MCD wanted orders from the High Court that would allow them to formally serve the proceedings and that will limit the time in which he can enter an appearance.