enter into

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It entered into an agreement with its supplier, under which the supplier advanced $1.5 million to Karns and required it to enter into a supply agreement obligating it to purchase $16 million of products annually.
Once Congress has received formal notification of the intent to enter into an agreement from the USTR, a period of 90 days must pass before Congress can begin to consider implementation of a Peru trade pact.
To justify its position, the IRS noted that (1) the VPFs, pledge agreements and share-lending agreements all involved the same taxpayer and the same stock, (2) the VPFs and pledge agreements obligated the taxpayer to enter into the share-lending agreements and (3) no independent collateral was required to be posted by the counterparty pursuant to the sharelending agreement.
Therefore Jacobson did not enter into the contract in reliance upon Cherney's alleged misrepresentation that a closing would occur in December.
Taxpayers may enter into transactions after 2002 and receive tax benefits that may be subject to a confidentiality agreement entered into before 2003.
Is landlord consent necessary to enter into a sublease barter transaction?
Disguised dividends: Often, a retired (or retiring) controlling shareholder will enter into a sale-and-leaseback so that the rent payments will supplement his retirement income.
No later than five business days after the transfer of qualified indicia of property ownership to the EAT, the taxpayer and the EAT enter into a written agreement (the QEAA) that provides that the EAT is holding the property for the benefit of the taxpayer to facilitate an exchange under Sec.
For example, a shareholder may enter into a collar for a stock currently trading at $100 with a put strike price of $95 and a call strike price of $110.