enter into conflict with

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Crnadak believes that it is not in the interest of the people and institutions of Republika Srpska (RS) for it to enter into conflict with the United States (US) only because of one man's discontent, regardless of who it is.
The right thing to do would be to listen to society instead of trying to change it, then to listen to Turkey's foreign partners and of course, not to enter into conflict with those who have helped the governing team until now.
We must limit the clergy's access to public life, restrict their influence to religious ceremonies only, so that they do not enter into conflict with the present political order .
a Because Germany had experienced similar problems following the serious deterioration of the economic situation in November 2003, the Council was reluctant to enter into conflict with the two driving forces of the eurozone, thereby bringing the stability pact to a standstill.
The study becomes particularly innovative where Hasner argues that critics who interpret the dialogue as an imitation of a more or less 'maieutic' co-operation between characters see only one dimension of the genre and tend to overlook a vertical dimension that pertains to the dialogue as written text matter, and that could enter into conflict with the first level.
At present we do not see any willingness on the part of the PA to enter into conflict with the terror organizations," the Shin Bet said.
Parents are asked not to enter into conflict with the child regarding eating, she explained: "These disorders are a metaphor for the child's emotional state.
He said he decided to provide the grant because "it wasn't necessary to enter into conflict with the GAA".