enter the picture

See: emerge, occur
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When tutu-wearing toucans enter the picture, there's just too much fun in this hilarious story of birdbrains who get together for some hijinks while exploring variations that are just too much fun.
The soldiers may be the most technologically advanced of the lot, but there are only ten of them and they have no better tools than the others--until time travelers from the far future enter the picture, with their own agenda.
What ensues is a fast-paced, do-not-try-this-at-home story, especially when a hurricane, a murderous criminal, and a kidnapped seven-year-old enter the picture.
After 2008's fuel-injected price skyrocket, the coming inflationary trend should behave more predictably, even as new fuel surcharges enter the picture.
Children become the dominating figures of one's life when they enter the picture.
Other factors could enter the picture, such as problems at refineries and the weather, but in general we all have to point our fingers at ourselves as much as at anyone else.
Horizontality in politics--that is, what we might call civil society--does not enter the picture until we arrive at the post-colonial era.
by a parent in the car behind him, trust wouldn't enter the picture.
The fact that fossil fuels will not disappear overnight means the technology that has developed over the last 100-plus years will continue to be used as alternatives enter the picture.
That's where IP SANs enter the picture, providing affordable storage consolidation and simpler, centralized data management.
Of course, gorgeous guys enter the picture, Ryan and Marc, who work with the girls in the evenings at Franzl's pizza place.
Only occasionally does the artist enter the picture, in voice off.