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To form a constituent part; to become a part or partaker; to penetrate; share or mix with, as tin enters into the composition of pewter. To go or come into a place or condition; to make or effect an entrance; to cause to go into or be received into.

In the law of real property, to go upon land for the purpose of taking possession of it. In strict usage, the entering is preliminary to the taking possession but in common parlance the entry is now merged in the taking possession.

To place anything before a court, or upon or among the records, in a formal and regular manner, and usually in writing as in to enter an appearance, or to enter a judgment. In this sense the word is nearly equivalent to setting down formally in writing, in either a full or abridged form.

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1240) in his Shi-ren yu-xie (The Poets' Jade Scraps, a compilation of critics' remarks on poetry), in which the entry Ru-hua (literally, enterable into painting, i.e., paintable) collects the couplets from Tang landscape poems, such as follows, that are also thought to be convertible into paintings:
Once it became indisputably clear that the ways of the world would never be revealed by means of verbal language alone, or, for that matter, by the use of any single sign system alone, a group of people set about constructing the first full-scale worked-out and enterable basis of inquiry, and by this act they did inaugurate what is known today as the Post-Utopian era.
It's difficult to imagine that the curving, extended Project for a Passageway (1930, Alberto Giacometti Siftung, Zurich), a Kiesler-like series of swelling, linked "chambers" that reads first as a reclining figure and only later as an idea for a series of enterable spaces, would gain anything by being realized at literal hallway scale; the echo of the body would disappear.