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To form a constituent part; to become a part or partaker; to penetrate; share or mix with, as tin enters into the composition of pewter. To go or come into a place or condition; to make or effect an entrance; to cause to go into or be received into.

In the law of real property, to go upon land for the purpose of taking possession of it. In strict usage, the entering is preliminary to the taking possession but in common parlance the entry is now merged in the taking possession.

To place anything before a court, or upon or among the records, in a formal and regular manner, and usually in writing as in to enter an appearance, or to enter a judgment. In this sense the word is nearly equivalent to setting down formally in writing, in either a full or abridged form.

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Kensington designed a security lock for point-of-purchase displays, and there is even a software system that will activate a security office if a special PIN number hasn't been entered upon using the device.
During the same year, Coleridge became acquainted with Wordsworth; together they entered upon one of the most influential creative periods of English literature.
Whenever comparisons of texts are entered upon, a reader's reaction is likely to be that more is needed, and the further reflection that Milroy would have been a good person to give us more if he had been given more space.
Timothy Curtis appeals a judgment of conviction, entered upon his no-contest plea, to second-offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI).
It is learnt that the two groups had clashed and the three friends hit their car at the main gate of the house of the suspect and forcibly entered upon which the suspects had killed them with sophisticated weapons.
The bill covers all mining agreements (MAs) or Financial or Technical Assistance Agreements (FTAAs) entered upon the effectivity of the act.
Shehryar Khan, tournament manager said that they have entered upon a 5-year collaborative deal to host the President of Pakistan Gold Medal Golf Championship.
These are not questions to be entered upon lightly or thoughtlessly or when your mind is preoccupied with mapping out rat runs to the leisure centre and long-term strategies to overhaul your life in such a way that you'll never have to drive in a city at tea-time again.
After graduating at Cambridge, he entered upon a literary career, and succeeded Sir William Davenant as poet-laureate in 1670.
Danny Benford appeals a judgment, entered upon a jury's verdict, convicting him of one count of first-degree reckless injury, one count of aggravated battery, and two counts of disorderly conduct.