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QVC has so far raised nearly pounds 3m for Breast Cancer Care and senior operations manager Ingrid Arnold said: "QVC's Breast Cancer Care event was a great success here on the Knowsley site, with all departments entering into the spirit.
WOMEN GO GLOBAL: It was International Women's Day in March 1989 and Middlesbrough was entering into the spirit of things with events spreading over a three-week period.
I must also thank all the individuals who generously donated to the cause and, last but not least, special gratitude to the huge number of people who attended on the night - it was great to see so many wearing red and entering into the spirit of the occasion.
C'est ma premiere visite a Quebec, and it's a great place" - Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney entering into the spirit at his concert in French-speaking Quebec, Canada.
While he certainly seemed to be entering into the spirit of things yesterday, Dave is adamant he will never fall victim to one rock star plague - drugs.
Not everyone is entering into the spirit of consumer hedonism, however.
And festivities have been continuing well into the night, with a host of town pubs entering into the spirit of the fair.