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Even if the dot-com loses money, but at lower rate than the cost to the traditional enterprise of maintaining its own operating infrastructure for e-commerce.
Export sales from other geographic segments are equally important, particularly when an enterprise relies on a single foreign manufacturing site to satisfy worldwide demand for a product.
Large enterprises that are considering investment in security solutions in the next 6 months
Vendors that small enterprises believe to be leaders in the field of enterprise applications
Overview: Australias Next Generation Enterprise Voice Services Market
Additionally, code from the Apache Incubator project ActiveMQ is integrated to provide JMS messaging infrastructure within Celtix Enterprise.
The new KnowNow WordPress Enterprise Edition will offer enterprises a comprehensive authoring solution that includes a powerful new platform for open communications and information management.
Most influential positions within Benelux enterprises when making investment decisions
Figure 9: Most influential positions within Nordic enterprises when making investment decisions
This databook from the Technology Trends service helps vendors to understand the perception of technology vendors in enterprises in the Nordics.
French enterprises' approach to outsourcing enterprise applications
Table 13: UK enterprises' preferred approach to buying enterprise applications