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Is not the love of wealth as domineering and enterprising a passion as that of power or glory?
The Northwest Company, acting feebly and partially upon the suggestions of its former agent, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, had pushed one or two advanced trading posts across the Rocky Mountains, into a tract of country visited by that enterprising traveller, and since named New Caledonia.
Antiquarians concede that such a personage as Hercules did exist in ancient times and agree that he was an enterprising and energetic man, but decline to believe him a good, bona- fide god, because that would be unconstitutional.
If ever two individuals offered a striking contrast to each other, these were certainly Michel Ardan and the Yankee Barbicane; both, moreover, being equally enterprising and daring, each in his own way.
I was, and I am, sensible that the air of this chamber, in its strong combination of stable with soup-stock, might have led one to infer that the coaching department was not doing well, and that the enterprising proprietor was boiling down the horses for the refreshment department.
They have seen with regret and indignation that sudden changes and legislative interferences, in cases affecting personal rights, become jobs in the hands of enterprising and influential speculators, and snares to the more-industrious and lessinformed part of the community.
William Sublette, the enterprising leader of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, had, two or three years previously, reached the valley of the Wind River, which lies on the northeast of the mountains; but had proceeded with them no further.
The sporting initiative struck gold at the 2019 Elevator Awards winning in the Enterprising Communities category.
A Rochester entrepreneur is being honored by Enterprising Womenmagazine for her leadership values.
Small Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst (Friday September 21) named the winners of this years Enterprising Britain Awards.
Kris Martinez, president and creative director of Martinez Creative Group, was awarded as a Champion in Enterprising Women Magazine's 2018 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards.
Jamerson, CEO of CDJ & Associates, for being named one of 2018's Enterprising Women of the Year Champion Honorees.