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To form a constituent part; to become a part or partaker; to penetrate; share or mix with, as tin enters into the composition of pewter. To go or come into a place or condition; to make or effect an entrance; to cause to go into or be received into.

In the law of real property, to go upon land for the purpose of taking possession of it. In strict usage, the entering is preliminary to the taking possession but in common parlance the entry is now merged in the taking possession.

To place anything before a court, or upon or among the records, in a formal and regular manner, and usually in writing as in to enter an appearance, or to enter a judgment. In this sense the word is nearly equivalent to setting down formally in writing, in either a full or abridged form.

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THONGSBRIDGE: Monday August 24 - Burglar smashed window, entered and stole as yet unknown property.
Yet hibernating animals somehow avoid ischemia-reperfusion injury as they enter and leave torpor, says Carey.
The tax year of finality for children who receive an IR4 visa (guardianship or legal custody) is the tax year in which a home state court enters a decree of adoption.
As of 2005, the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) reported that nitrogen discharge had fallen 25 percent, signaling both the success of regulation and the difficulty of controlling pollutants that enter the water from such diverse sources as construction sites, farms and over-fertilized lawns.
Now click on Tools, General Options, opening the Save Options dialog box (exhibit 8, page 64) where you can enter a password.
* Time and billing information was entered into the inter nal time and billing program for subsequent billing;
An on-line requisition system (Figure 1) was developed to allow the FMS customer to enter requests for all types of requisitions: stock numbered, part numbered, and publications.
When the ball is entered to 2, post man 5 clears to the opposite side and 4 breaks low off 5's backside, rubbing his man off the cutter.
NEW MILL: Jul 31 - Thief attempts to remove wooden boards to enter stable but fails.
In TAM 200604033, the taxpayer entered into numerous VPFs on publicly traded stock.
The safest tactic would be to have the undercover officer leave the premises before the arrest team enters to make the arrest.
And at times we had to enter false data that, in effect, fooled the program to produce the correct answer.