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4 : to have in mind <She entertained thoughts of quitting.
And we will be entertained by Kev's tactics and positive play.
Russom entertained in nightclubs at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and Gatsby's in Brentwood.
The tale of the wooden puppet who is given life has entertained countless children through the years, but it's the story's moral underpinnings that give it resonance.
carries on the rich tradition of the world famous cartoon, which has entertained millions of fans for many years.
My mom entertained every week while I was growing up, '' noted Scott, adding that ``she is an informal, spontaneous, creative cook who enjoys improvising.
As the writer of an internationally syndicated humor column; the author of numerous books, two of which formed the basis for the 1990s television series Dave's World; and the 1988 Pulitzer Prize winner for commentary, Barry has entertained readers and audiences alike on a wide variety of subjects.
There was music for reminiscing Tuesday morning at the Simi Valley Senior Center, as Charles Soper's Nostalgia and Ragtime singers entertained with popular songs from their audience's youth.
For the McWilliam winemaking family, six generations of family members have entertained and shared stories on their veranda located in Australia's Riverina, an area in New South Wales known for its warm climate and majestic beauty.
Children will be entertained and inspired to achieve happy active lives as McDonald's and Warner Home Video (WHV) unveil two exciting live-action home entertainment specials, with "McKids Adventures Volume 1: Get Up and Go with Ronald" and "McKids Adventures Volume 2: Treasure Hunt with Ronald.