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The ice of ceremony being once broken, it seemed matter of rivalry between the guest and the entertainer which should display the best appetite; and although the former had probably fasted longest, yet the hermit fairly surpassed him.
And the more he thought, the more entire was his conviction, that the person who wore the mantle was no other than his former host and entertainer, "Sinbad the Sailor.
You're pretty well browned by the sun, both of you,' said their entertainer.
Their entertainer had sat perfectly quiet in the beginning of this dispute, looking first at one man and then at the other, as if he were lying in wait for an opportunity of putting some further question, or reverting to that from which the discourse had strayed.
Unfortunately for this prudent resolution, his entertainers appeared otherwise disposed.
Neither Christie nor Jessie could for a moment understand the delicacy which kept these young men from accompanying them into the room they had but a few moments before decorated and arranged with their own hands, and it was not until they turned to thank their strange entertainers that they found that they were gone.
The conversation lasted for more than an hour, when the visitors arose, and, after exchanging good wishes with their entertainers, they departed.
This speech was followed by a profound silence of some moments, on the part of Newman's entertainers.
Sometimes, indeed, we contrived to get ourselves asked to the houses of high and mighty entertainers, where we ate the finest French dishes and drank the oldest vintages, and fortified ourselves sensibly and snugly in that way against the frigidity of the company.
The meal was delicious, and the entertainers were the soul of kindness and good humour.
As the Pickwickians turned round to take a last glimpse of it, the setting sun cast a rich glow on the faces of their entertainers, and fell upon the form of the fat boy.
9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Princess Cruises will soon crown the top guest entertainer for 2015 during the cruise line's fifth annual Entertainer of the Year competition.