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Tolkien's Sanctifying Myth: Understanding Middle-Earth (Intercollegiate Studies) argues that this entertaining myth is shot through with Catholic sacramentality and sensibility.
--Tie course content into movie or book/play, you can be entertaining, but still be informative.
Q What is the title of the home entertaining book called?
'Entertaining Mr Sloane scandalised the British public then, and will probably raise a few eyebrows in Hereford now,' says Director Jonathan Stone.
Entertaining Thoughts was a hodgepodge of random duets, cross-dressing, and verses of Pushkin's poetry read in Russian by dancer Anna Mikhaylenko.
In another entertaining match, Middleton Rangers Under-14s entertained local rivals Heighington Boys in an anticipated contest.
"When Kevin Keegan came back to the club he brought a lot of entertaining football and the fans thoroughly enjoyed what they were seeing.
These changes in habits have made us look at our business differently by offering casual entertaining products that fit with the way people are living." For instance, Lenox's entertaining sets such as Order Out, the Mexicali Fajita set and the nine-piece pizza set "are geared toward casual entertaining, whether the food has been made at home or ordered in."
This is the third installment of the highly entertaining Bartimaeus Trilogy, following The Amulet of Samarkand and The Golem's Eye.
Stone Arch Books features an outstanding series of graphic novel adaptations for classic stories that have entertaining young readers for generations.
An original and imaginative story by author and illustrator Sally Lee, "Lucy And Seymour's Circus" is a brightly colored, entertaining, thoroughly "kid friendly" anthropomorphic picturebook that will entertain and engage young readers ages 3 to 7 from beginning to end.
"We had bids from a rapper, a hedge fund phenom and an Internet entrepreneur," says Ganz, "but in the end, only the current purchaser followed through." The 7,700 s/f, five-story mansion includes six bedrooms, eight full and three half baths, a master suite encompassing an entire floor, formal and casual entertaining and family rooms, and a paneled library.