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RACK, punishments. An engine with which to torture a supposed criminal, in order to extort a confession of his supposed crime, and the names of his supposed accomplices. Unknown in the United States.
     2. This instrument, known by the nickname of the Duke of Exeter's daughter, was in use in England. Barr. on the Stat. 866 12 S. & R. 227.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Its subsidiary brand "NOD Union" provides comprehensive business consultation, membership services, contracting services and entertainment equipment solutions, plus activity planning services and financing service to clubs, bars and lounges in the entertainment industry and alcohol and beverage suppliers.
This should not come as a surprise given that improved technology has significantly decreased the cost of home entertainment equipment over time.
From bridges to dams, offices to homes, and kitchen applicances to entertainment equipment everything has little bit of steel.
Commonly adopting touch screens as interfaces for more user-friendly operation, such products can serve not only a PC, but also one of home entertainment equipment.
Once inside they quickly went to work, stealing thousands of pounds worth of entertainment equipment and other jewellery.
Computers and computer supplies, home entertainment equipment, household appliances, casual furniture, and a big selection of cameras and photographic equipment are found in almost every outlet.
By combining mobile devices and home entertainment equipment, such as TV set-top boxes, Motorola hopes to provide "multiscreen" experiences in which users consume content on phones, other mobile devices, and home entertainment equipment, Jha said.
The contribution from the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation will help fund flat screen televisions and entertainment equipment in the new unit, which will treat teenage patients from across the North East.
The eight-bed unit, on stilts at the Heath site, has been equipped with a chill-out room, internet access and entertainment equipment and will also includeapool table for patients to use during their treatment.
The SemperComm Foundation, a nonprofit charity that brings communications and entertainment equipment to small, remote overseas U.S.
But together, the effect is stunning: Nearly every product in your pantry, every appliance in your home, every bit of high-tech home entertainment equipment, and in many cases your morning newspaper is now directly or indirectly tied to the Pentagon through the company that produces it.The real point is that the military-corporate complex is inescapable, and it's hidden in plain sight, if only we would care to look.It's high time we at least recognize that PepsiCo, IBM, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson and just about every other corporate giant (and thousands of flyweights of the business world) are benefiting not only from our purchases of cola, computers, software and bandages but from our tax dollars, via the Pentagon.
Add to this operational equation the gross extravagance of the fitting out and the entertainment equipment and you have a rough total for one side of what is said to be the puzzle.

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