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Each generation entertains differently, according to Tom Mirabile, senior vice president, global trend and design, at Lifetime Brands, and so it's important to know your audience and determine "who you want to speak to" and in what way.
Comedian Bob Hope, who will celebrate his 100th birthday Thursday, entertains the troops in December 1971 at Cu Chi, 20 miles northwest of Saigon.
In one particularly funny moment at the beginning of the book, the protagonist entertains the locals with a violin piece by the forbidden Mozart, because Luo convinces the audience the piece is entitled Mozart is Thinking of Chairman Mao.
Affinity's Interactive Flash Game "ServerMechanic" Entertains and Rewards Players
The team behind PBS' long-running ``Sesame Street'' has created a fun holiday tale that entertains kids and their parents.
When you entertain, it's not the time to sacrifice flavor for calories,'' noted Dupree, who entertains a group of five or six for dinner several times a month and has larger parties a half dozen times a year.
Hosted by the always effervescent Jeremy Allison, Samba co-developer at HP, the Golden Penguin Bowl entertains and enlivens the LinuxWorld audience.
VOLUNTEERISM: Every Thursday morning, Jack plays the piano and entertains the residents at either Drier's Sanitarium in Glendale or the East Valley Senior Center in North Hollywood.
This high-energy, entertaining presentation, complete with a visit from the popular Phillie Phanatic, helps spark ideas, energize management and work teams, entertains and educates.
Cowie notes that he entertains often because it is one of his favorite things to do.