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Naseer, Abbas Jatt and Imran Ghulam Ali also performed on the occasion while Anwar Rafi enthralled the audience by his famous songs.
Later, Shea and Malang enthralled the young audience with their music.
Fazal Jat presented traditional theatrical performances while Qurban Niazi also enthralled audience in his unique style.
Hundreds of spectators including Emiratis and expatriates were enthralled by the patriotic and romantic songs.
MAKING FRIENDS: Katie Gittins meets Marcia the rat, far right, while Morgan Horbron, right, and Amir Naveed, below, say hello to Busy the barn owl EAGER TO LEARN: Pupils enthralled by the visit of Craig Wesson, left Pictures by IAN COOPER
Years later, I watched Anderson Cooper's visceral reports from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and felt equally enthralled by his passionate and relentless search for the truth.
Dance has long enthralled gay men and lesbians, in part because of their appreciation of form and movement in the human body and in part because, as the Cirque du Soleil story in this issue shows, many dancers and choreographers are themselves gay.
Although many teenagers react to the postings with disgust, others seem enthralled with the newfound power that comes from the blend of anonymity mad publicity.
The authors hold individuality in high regard, and have produced a fascinating range of ideas that will keep you enthralled and might even open your eyes to something.
The media have lately become enthralled by hydrogen as the "clean, abundant energy source," encouraged in this unfortunate deception by the auto industry, As you report, hydrogen is never an energy source, only a carder and storage medium of energy from a source: electricity, heat, or light.
On a private patio with more than 2,000 SF of outdoor space, guests will be enthralled with lion masks etched into copper molding that surrounds the lower portion of a carefully restored barrel-vaulted roof.
Matthews, who is making a comeback after being treated for exhaustion, enthralled the young audience at the TV recording with her new wholesome look and folk songs