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Hayes added the extras before both sides received yellow cards before the interval with Hanson and Sproston temporarily out of the enthralling contest.
20pm) USUALLY, there's just a load of old tosh on television during the daytime but, thanks to this enthralling detective drama, Fridays have been the exception to the rule in recent weeks.
Naek while applauding the skills of Chinese artisans said that the Chinese artists had captivated the Pakistanis with their brilliant performances, as Chinese civilization and ancient traditions possessed enthralling attraction.
Robin Williamson with his wife Bina are still touring and still enthralling audiences with their mystical music and magical songs.
A handful of black-and-white illustrations enhance this lengthy yet enthralling novel.
Tightly written, drawing heavily upon author David Pirie's familiarity with both Sherlock Holmes canon and Doyle's biography, The Dark Water is an enthralling literary work from cover to cover.
Note the recruitment of other well-known musicians and the graphic arts coordination, making this release visually enthralling along with the colossal hypnotic frequency fierceness, if you're hip to the circles of the transcendental doomage of Sunn and the broadened directions Boris has offered more recently, then you'll be bowing to the Altar.
An enthralling saga of good against evil, and great deeds achieved by individuals of courageous and faithful spirit.
What makes ``The Nine'' so enthralling is also what could make it, in the long run, really frustrating.
Three of Israel's most enthralling dance troupes appear at Lincoln Center Festival this month.
Embers Of The Dead by Roy Lewis is a consistently enthralling and quite tactfully authored novel on the life and times of Eric Ward.
These latest publications are especially diverse and enthralling.