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Though this poetic recognition of the fitting, inevitable maturation of a boy long pre-dates her enthrallment to Pen's infantine beauty, scrutiny of her letters reveals that EBB's views on children's dress relate directly to her politics and politics of gender.
Of course, in an essay published in an 1818 edition of The British Review, Maturin himself confesses his passionate enthrallment to what he calls the irresistible and dangerous delights of Anne Radcliffe's fiction.
This phenomenon is much broader than snide media reporting suggests, reaching beyond interest in pretty boy actors to include enthrallment with Korean food, history, costumes, language and culture.
In some ways, Yglesias's enthrallment to the world of his fellow young punditry whizzes is a strength.
Hubble Photographs: After Sappho" explores the widest reaches of desire, contemplating our deepest loving relationships with each other within the context of our enthrallment with the immensity of the cosmos.
It is accessible to the point of pure enthrallment without compromising its eloquence or thematic strength.
Violent and macabre imagery is utilized to describe a near-fatal accident in which--in explicit prefigurement of Gabriel's death, and Portia's moribund enthrallment to him--the cemetery gates fell on Gabriel, rendering both Portia and himself unconscious for a week.
25) Otto Hahn, as we have seen, initially shared the popular enthrallment with Latin America.
In a sense, Woolf wrestles with her childhood enthrallment with her own national heritage, class, and culture.
Unlike Clara and Fritz, we can move beyond enthrallment and surprise by looking for relevant messages to take home.
Other images on display include a gangrenous foot, a junkie giving birth to a deformed baby, and a girl who moves from fresh-faced enthusiasm to sunken-cheeked enthrallment in a series of tableaux.
threatened] violence is the enthrallment of the will.