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Under Elizabeth's wise guidance the prosperity and enthusiasm of the nation had risen to the highest pitch, and London in particular was overflowing with vigorous life.
During his speech at the University of Kent said: "One of the problems with our work is that we have been carried away with massive enthusiasms in reproduction.
The Daily Mail reported him as saying that enthusiasm to develop fertility techniques and desperate patients has become a "toxic mix".
He moved on to other enthusiasms, more or less successfully, in the few years of life he had left.
Bringing Foucault's ill-informed enthusiasm for the Iranian revolution to light is not just a matter of exorcising or excising a malign spirit from Foucault's corpus.
Certainly, other enthusiasms are waiting in the wings--nanotechnology to name one--but the lull makes it all the more imperative to think seriously about the future of space flight.
One would suppose that such sights and discoveries would have increased the enthusiasm for space projects, but to date this hasn't been the case in any measurable wag (Indeed, the probes dispatched to Venus and Mars may have actually dampened enthusiasm by showing that Earth's nearest neighbors aren't about to become Earth-like anytime soon, and that they weren't home to exotic, extraterrestrial life.)
There is evidence, as Paul Johnson argues in his book about the Second Great Awakening in upstate New York, that religious enthusiasms can produce, in effect, a bourgeois revolution, instilling in the artisans a sense of discipline and self-restraint that makes them amenable to new industrial discipline.
It remains unclear whether Shelley speaks of herself, another woman, or an allegorical female type, but this fragmentary reflection reveals her thinking about enthusiasm during the 1820s.
Based on the proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the UCLA Center for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, and published simultaneously as volume 60, numbers 1-2, of the Huntington Library Quarterly, this collection of papers analyzes the use of the term "enthusiasm." Plato in the dialogue between Ion and Socrates first tied the term enthusiasm to the way a poet and a person reciting poetry can become enthralled by the divine.
Romanticism, Enthusiasm and Regulation: Poetics and the Policing of Culture in the Romantic Period.
I first learned of Farber's criticism about twenty years ago, at the height of my enthusiasm for the films of the B-movie producer Val Lewton, who assembled a kind of atelier for writers, directors, cameramen, and actors to churn out low-budget horror movies of extraordinary beauty and, time permitting, intelligence (including The Seventh Victim, I Walked with a Zombie, and The Curse of the Cat People).