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The remodeled lunch being gaily partaken of, the studio and garden visited, and art discussed with enthusiasm, Amy ordered a buggy (alas for the elegant cherry-bounce), and drove her friend quietly about the neighborhood till sunset, when `the party went out'.
It's a shame, by Heavens," said George, working himself up into passion and enthusiasm as he proceeded, "to play at fast and loose with a young girl's affections--and with such an angel as that--one so superior to the people amongst whom she lived, that she might have excited envy, only she was so good and gentle, that it's a wonder anybody dared to hate her.
They rendered the whole nation familiar for centuries with one of the grandest and most varied of all collections of books, which was adopted with ardent patriotic enthusiasm as one of the chief national possessions, and which has served as an unfailing storehouse of poetic and dramatic allusions for all later writers.
Under Elizabeth's wise guidance the prosperity and enthusiasm of the nation had risen to the highest pitch, and London in particular was overflowing with vigorous life.
During his speech at the University of Kent said: "One of the problems with our work is that we have been carried away with massive enthusiasms in reproduction.
The Daily Mail reported him as saying that enthusiasm to develop fertility techniques and desperate patients has become a "toxic mix".
He moved on to other enthusiasms, more or less successfully, in the few years of life he had left.
His repertory is wide-ranging, with Mozart, Chopin and Brahms and more modern music among his enthusiasms.
Pocock moves with insight through prophetic and philosophical enthusiasms to Jakob Brucker's Historia Critica Philsophiae (1742-), "a history whose power, sweep, and brilliance are concealed from the eyes of degenerate modernity by its embodiment in six volumes of a thousand pages each and a prose of intense and erudite latinity" (18).
Still, the real meat of the matter is Farber flying solo with his wild prejudices and enthusiasms boldly tattooed on the wing of his little single-prop plane of cinematic advocacy.
Romanticism, Enthusiasm and Regulation: Poetics and the Policing of Culture in the Romantic Period.