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Theme park executives hope the concurrence of the openings will create a feeding frenzy, and everyone from ride enthusiasts to economic analysts are expecting a busy and lucrative summer.
2 -- color) Old West enthusiasts make their way down 60th Street East on Saturday while taking part in a 14-mile wagon-train drive, an event held every fall.
I don't think it's coincidence that California Adventure is opening this year and Magic Mountain is putting in three coasters,'' said Turner, who is regional representative of American Coaster Enthusiasts.
VALENCIA - After months of rumor and speculation, roller coaster enthusiasts from across the country got their first glimpse Tuesday morning of three new adrenaline-pumping, thrill-inducing and somewhat bizarre attractions coming in spring 2001 to Six Flags California.
He suggested the enthusiasts write their elected officials and work with wildlife officials to develop ways to steer clear of the toads.