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Clients (not a valid statistical sample) also agree, but not as enthusiastically.
Conservative mayor John Banks was elected two years ago on a platform of finishing the city's semi-complete highway network, and he's taken enthusiastically to the task.
Ashcroft, a long-time Religious Right crusader whose confirmation as attorney general was enthusiastically supported by the FRC, was clearly a crowd favorite.
It is really about empowering good teachers, thousands of whom are enthusiastically walking the beaches of today's classrooms.
The ideal physician executive is described as: (1) an expert in an area that Wall Street perceives as hot; (2) a public speaker who can enthusiastically communicate scientific and business plans to a variety of audiences; (3) a team leader who is willing to share equity in the company with other employees; (4) a recruiter and a motivator; (5) an implementer who can achieve milestones quickly that allow the company to go public as soon as possible; and (6) a realist who does not resent the terms of the typical deal.
Enthusiastically recommended for young viewers ages 6 to 12, "I Could Do That
A high fantasy about the importance of love, the preservation of life, and the greatness of the natural world, Enchanters is enthusiastically recommended to fantasy lovers everywhere.
From Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies; Onion-Cheese Supper Bread; Cranberry-Pineapple Muffins; and Garlic Spoonbread; to Cornmeal Yeast Rolls; Sesame-Wheat Germ Crackers; and Blueberry Pinwheels, the "Edwards Mill Cookbook" is an enthusiastically recommended addition to the family cookbook shelf.
A key guide to doing the right things to keep a business fully solvent, The 90 Minute MBA is enthusiastically recommended as either a preparatory or a refresher course for current and future small business owners everywhere.
This enthusiastically recommended 'Animalations' series includes "Riley the Rhinoceros" (1933818158, $18.