entire amount

See: entirety
References in classic literature ?
My young family are not frivolous; they expend the entire amount of their allowance in subscriptions, under my direction; and they have attended as many public meetings and listened to as many lectures, orations, and discussions as generally fall to the lot of few grown people.
5 percent of those who rolled over at least some of their distribution through 1993 did so with the entire amount.
Making the offer irresistible, customers can also convert the entire amount in monthly installments at 0% interest, over a period of 12 months, at an EMI of Rs.
However, the court held that California did not have to refund the entire amount of the fee to the LLC involved in the case.
Campbell directly rolled over the entire amount to her IRA.
The entire amount of the gain or loss, if any, is recognized at the time of the exchange, regardless of the taxpayer's accounting method; and
Under the prior Bankruptcy Code, the entire amount of the landlord's claim was entitled to administrative status when the debtor had initially assumed the lease but later rejected the lease.
Said Espada: "I am donating the entire amount of Coke's contribution to tonight's event--$1,200--to the National Food Workers Union in Colombia," the union that is organizing Coke workers.
not the entire amount, as too much nori will impart a "fishy" taste that overpowers.
Mmm," I replied, glancing out the window as if scanning the skies casually for dirigibles: "The entire amount.