entire number

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The entire number of the Indians, within the Union, is differently computed, at between one and three hundred thousand souls.
And as for the experiments that others have already made, even although these parties should be willing of themselves to communicate them to him (which is what those who esteem them secrets will never do), the experiments are, for the most part, accompanied with so many circumstances and superfluous elements, as to make it exceedingly difficult to disentangle the truth from its adjuncts- besides, he will find almost all of them so ill described, or even so false (because those who made them have wished to see in them only such facts as they deemed conformable to their principles), that, if in the entire number there should be some of a nature suited to his purpose, still their value could not compensate for the time what would be necessary to make the selection.
According to Opare, the club is doing its possible best to sell the entire number of replica jerseys supplied by Umbro.
However, the number of hired applicants was just about 9% of the entire number of applicants who trooped to the venue of the event.
They were found on the frame (entire number), the barrel and extension (last three digits), the trigger group (last three digits), the bolt (last three digits), the grip panels (entire number), the locking block (last three digits), and the firing pin (last three digits).
She said that there is absolutely no cause for alarm for the three States orientation camp to be held in one place at the same time considering the entire number of the Corps members sent to the three States.
The entire number awaits unveiling when the Adamson Pep Squad defends its title in the Cheerdance Competition of the 81st UAAP Season today at the Mall of Asia Arena.
-- City underwater: 4,300 homes in New Bern, North Carolina, inundated by flooding, or one-third of the entire number of homes in the city
It was a misplacement of the information received from the Catholic School Board, and it was my mistake to attribute the entire number from across all the schools under that foundation to only one school.
In the Philippines the Mount Makiling Forest Reserve in Los Banos, Laguna, is described as 'an exceptional diversity of woody plant species, totaling more than the entire number of woody species found in the United States.'
There are also going to be master nodes, which means you can stack your Syscoins and get a percentage from the price of the entire number of transactions.
That death toll exceeds the entire number of US military fatalities in Afghanistan this decade.