entire quantity

See: aggregate
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In terms of participation are specified forecasted quantities, the Contracting Authority may, depending on the needs of kindergarten and financial resources, which have not to assign deliveries to the entire quantity and total value.
Mother Dairy sells about 30 lakh litres of milk per day, including token and polypacked, in the Delhi- NCR and this entire quantity would be now fortified with Vitamin A& D.
Because of the favorable water supply and the capacity of the machinery to accept and process the entire quantity of water, this year is expected to be among the best production years.
The ministry said it had already informed the company that packs and distributes the product on the Cyprus market and issued instructions for the immediate withdrawal of the entire quantity of the consignment.
However,later the entire quantity of unhygienic and adulterated milk
The Committee endorsed selling the entire quantity of Masila crude for loading in February at a premium of $0.
The court was told during the hearing of the case that 20 kilogram charas was recovered from a car on Tarbella road but only one packet was made of this entire quantity of charas instead of making 20 packets.
Tool will manufacture the entire quantity, store it, and release it to the customer monthly or as needed.
As a rule of thumb, the entire quantity of silica filler should not be added at one time, but rather in two or three separate additions, each followed by adequate cross-blending of the batch.
The buyout will continue until the entire quantity is purchased.
Bulk Or Entire Quantity To Be Procured From Rdso Approved Source Only.