entire quantity

See: aggregate
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However,later the entire quantity of unhygienic and adulterated milk
Purchaser Reserves The Right To Purchase Bulk Or Entire Quantity From Clw Approved Sources.
The Committee endorsed selling the entire quantity of Masila crude for loading in February at a premium of $0.
The court was told during the hearing of the case that 20 kilogram charas was recovered from a car on Tarbella road but only one packet was made of this entire quantity of charas instead of making 20 packets.
The buyout will continue until the entire quantity is purchased.
Tool will manufacture the entire quantity, store it, and release it to the customer monthly or as needed.
As a rule of thumb, the entire quantity of silica filler should not be added at one time, but rather in two or three separate additions, each followed by adequate cross-blending of the batch.
Add this filler in increments rather than the entire quantity at one time, blending between additions.
employee, along with a partner posing as his assistant, convinced theater management that the wrong type of cards had been shipped to the facility, and made off with the entire quantity after promising to send replacements.
I Stage Inspection Should Be Done For Basic Cloth In Than Length As Per Tendered Description And Ii Stage Inspection Should Be Done For Size And Dimensions Only 3 Delivery Period:- Entire Quantity In One Lot Within 2 - 3 Months From The Date Of Approval Of Advance Sample By End User.