entirely defensible

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It is entirely defensible to tell the story primarily through the lens of the United States Air Force.
If we are content that lower tax rates in Wales are entirely defensible, then consider another potential scenario.
Their premise, which seems entirely defensible from the evidence they produce, is that people who have completely different income levels and therefore live entirely different types of lifestyles, gradually come to experience life quite differently, which eventually results in loss of trust and an inability to empathize with other people's life circumstances.
Scholars of the early modem period are certainly aware that language and communication were at the heart of the Reformations--translations and retranslations of the Bible; preaching; the writing of confessions; and so on--but have tended to focus on certain literary genres, for entirely defensible reasons.
Her lawyer reportedly said last week: "Ms Lohan maintains her innocence, and now I've seen the police reports, I believe the case is entirely defensible."
Stubbs makes no pretension that this is an entirely defensible or even finished work.
Picked to clean up after the rotten mess that was made by his woeful predecessor Andy Robinson.A His record is not entirely defensible - that defeat to Wales still brings tears of joy to the eyes of this hardened Scot - but he took the job with good grace when no-one else would touch it.
We are in no doubt that what we are doing is entirely defensible. We see no problems, even from a theological point of view.
While both the organizational structure and the focus on one version of each conspiratorial event are entirely defensible choices on Pagan's part, I believe they also contribute to an overly determined and static end product: that is, Pagan's monograph is so controlled by the template with which this study probably first took shape as a dissertation that it allows her little opportunity to move beyond the self-imposed and, in fact, quite narrow limits of her enquiry.
Gonzales to go on offense and defend his entirely defensible actions.
(19-23) This popularly publicized theory is responsible for focusing the blame on only one aspect of potential disease, and that is not entirely defensible. If we were to consider biochemical mechanisms more important than statistics, we might be better served with respect to prevention of cardiovascular incidents and the extension of life.
Mrs Jowell said the project was entirely defensible because it was providing a lot of money for sports equipment.