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Maqbool Anwar, son of Muhammad Anwar, got degree in the subject of Political Science after approval of his thesis entitled `Role of Minorities in the Political System of Pakistan (A Case Study of the Christians of Lahore Division)'.
Adult workers, that is those aged 18 or over, are entitled to a rest period of eleven consecutive hours each 24-hour work period.
Get the best performance from psychologically entitled employees through appropriate feedback and monitoring.
LOT NO 02 entitled: metal framework - Coverage - Locksmith
Richard, by email Biz replies Workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks' paid holiday.
The second scene entitled State of Institutions reviewed the achievements of the nation in forty-five-year.
Manama-March23(BNA)A Bahraini female employee is entitled to a paid sixty-day maternity leave, taking effect from the day of delivery, including all allowances.
Employees who feel entitled in the workplace are more apt to be frustrated on the job and lash out at their coworkers, according to new research from the University of New Hampshire.
Chief Financial Officer Syed Muhammad Zeeshan while addressing the meeting stated, "The persons holding units of IGI Income Fund, IGI Stock Fund, IGI Islamic Income Fund and IGI Money Market Fund at the close of business on June 30, 2010 will be entitled to the bonus and dividend, respectively.
Part three is entitled "Rome '1599-1602'" and consists of chapters 26 through 33 (165-210).
In other instances, a taxpayer will file a protective claim that specifically describes the grounds on which the taxpayer believes it is entitled to a refund, even though it cannot provide supporting information.
Johnson said common questions raised by dioceses during the consultation included: Would dioceses, which have fully paid into the Settlement Fund, be entitled to a refund?