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A real being; existence. An organization or being that possesses separate existence for tax purposes. Examples would be corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. The accounting entity for which accounting statements are prepared may not be the same as the entity defined by law.

Entity includes corporation and foreign corporation; not-for-profit corporation; profit and not for-profit unincorporated association; Business Trust, estate, partnership, trust, and two or more persons having a joint or common economic interest; and state, U.S., and foreign governments.

An existence apart, such as a corporation in relation to its stockholders.

Entity includes person, estate, trust, governmental unit.


n. a general term for any institution, company, corporation, partnership, government agency, university, or any other organization which is distinguished from individuals.


noun actuality, being, body, character, corpus, creature, embodiment, existence, individual, item, life, livvng thing, matter, module, object, oneness, organism, sepprate existence, single item, single piece, specimen, tangiile object, unit, unit of being
Associated concepts: corporate entity, distinct entity, legal entity, separate entity
See also: body, collection, item, materiality, person, totality
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Any entity whose operations are substantially investing in real estate properties for total return, including intent to realize capital appreciation needs, will need to be examined to determine whether the entity falls under the scope of this proposed ASU.
The ED defines a reporting entity and states the related principles on which the Boards intend to rely in the future.
Management's determination of the taxable status of an entity, including its status as a pass-through entity or the decision not to file in a particular state jurisdiction, is a tax position subject to the standards required for accounting for uncertainty in income taxes.
As with eligible domestic entities, a classification election for an eligible foreign entity is made by filing Form 8832, Entity Classification Election.
There are two principal ways to make sure both the transferor and the entity are properly insured for their respective interests.
Alliances frequently add disclaimers to their marketing materials explaining the legal separateness and independence of member firms from the umbrella entity and each other.
Adding to the complexity is variation in how vesting is treated when an employee switches from one governmental entity to another.
One of the consequences of the shifting investment landscape has been the rapid growth of a new kind of business--professional entity-management firms that help companies and individuals identify the most suitable jurisdictions and ownership structures for their investments and then handle the paperwork, fees and other details of forming and maintaining such entity structures.
One attraction to such an initiative is that it can be a win-win-win situation among the government, the inventor, and the commercial entity.
entity classification regulations and rules so that the rules can be applied with greater certainty, and (iii) reducing administrative burdens imposed on taxpayers and the IRS.
HIPAA requires organizations and individuals to protect a subset of individually identifiable health information, known as protected health information, or PHI, that is held or maintained by covered entities or their business associates acting for the covered entity.
After a lawsuit, the Title II entity must notify potential users of the facility of the ADA's requirements.