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It is this tension between the silence of entombment and the polyphony of the narrative voices that this essay aims at analyzing.
The first and longest part of the book consists in a prolonged analysis of Michelangelo's unfinished Entombment in London as the only such instance of reform.
The risk depends on how the entombment is done, but you wouldn't find that sort of cleanup here" he says.
Grouped around the Entombment are drawings and oil sketches, which both lead up to the finished painting and form an aftermath to it.
Entombment will be at Rest Haven Memorial Mausoleum.
Their final product, "We'll Never Be Young Again," is a collection of letters, narratives and anecdotes chronicling the 72 hours from JFK's assassination to his entombment.
With Pope John Paul II's spiritual testament still sealed, the cardinals who will elect his successor are making the final arrangements for his entombment today as pilgrims pour into Rome to witness the funeral pageantry.
Cardinals electing Pope John Paul II's successor are making final arrangements for his entombment today as pilgrims pour into Rome to witness the funeral pageantry.
And in other paintings, such as the Death of the Virgin or the Entombment of Christ, the models' immediacy doesn't displace the narrative content, as Bersani and Dutoit would have it, but, it seems to me, augments it.
Finally, the park is expected to include a system of entombment that is unique in the United States but more common in Israel.
Actually, Grandma Always Danced became one of the signature pieces of her Pantomime Circus programs, in which she gently surveyed man's earthly existence from the infant's rocking in the cradle, through its growing up and aging, until its entombment -- and beyond, for she was convinced that heaven is just an elevated platform where angels can kick up their heels.
This work, in which the artist covers his body in white, pink, green, and black, stirs up from the spectator's musings an assortment of memories: Noh theater, Al Jolson, the pink and blue bodies of Pontormo's famous Entombment, even Rodchenko.