entrance way

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Stones line the entrance way to the main chamber of Barclodiad y Gawres
Enabling works - to construct entrance ways into car parking facilities including:-1) investigate and survey for underground utilities and services, All works are take in to effect the results of this survey.
He told Australian broadcaster ABC, "We understand marine life need different entrance ways, rooms, gaps to walk and move.
It also includes outdoor spaces where facilities are available for public or where a crowd of people would gather, such as, but not limited to, playgrounds, sports grounds or centers, church grounds, health/hospital compounds, transportation terminals, markets, resorts, walkways/sidewalks, entrance ways, waiting areas and the like,' the EO said.
This month, the temporary tents outside Brussels airport that were used for passenger checks in the wake of the bomb attacks were removed and now police officers newly trained in behavioural detection stand guard at entrance ways, looking for signs of suspicious conduct among arriving travellers.
5m refurbishment programme by Newcastle City Council, the first phase involves the upgrading of all 14 of the market's entrance ways, with inner gates and outward facing shutters.
The first phase involves the upgrade of all 14 of the market's entrance ways, with inner gates and outward facing shutters.
20% of sales consist of renovation of pools, walkways & entrance ways, coming from referrals.
The three-story building, once described as looking like a museum "with its heavy carved wooden doors, marble entrance ways, rustic hardwood and glass display cases and wide gallery on the front sidewalk," was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
The maternity staff receive three to four formal complaints every quarter from patients about smoking in entrance ways and many more informal complaints from patients and staff.
MULTAN -- Police have sealed the city by establishing temporary pickets at entrance ways of the city to avoid any untoward incident during Muharram.
Today they have modified the traditional design of these subterranean homes by making the entrance ways larger and more secure to accommodate tourists, and they still love to show off their skills with the spear.