entrance way

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Stones line the entrance way to the main chamber of Barclodiad y Gawres
in Beijing were awarded the contract to install the uniquely robust Red Borealis MLS Systems inside the 10' 2" tall entrance way letters used as the entrance signs for the "Bird's Nest" venue.
The three-story building, once described as looking like a museum "with its heavy carved wooden doors, marble entrance ways, rustic hardwood and glass display cases and wide gallery on the front sidewalk," was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
The maternity staff receive three to four formal complaints every quarter from patients about smoking in entrance ways and many more informal complaints from patients and staff.
That meant the possibility of a reconfiguration of entrance ways and services for other tenants, opening up the possibility of redevelopment of the upper floors into hotel, residential or office use.
Lincoln Park will have ornamental entrance ways, flat roofs with parapet walls and sun terraces on top of the buildings.
Olsen and Hank Van Assen have collaborated to published "Ranch Gates Of The Southwest", a compilation of beautifully photographed in full color images of a series of these ranch gates that adorn the entrance ways to ranches throughout the American southwest.
You see it in paneling and cabinetry and a wide range of architectural jobs, including elevator cabs and entrance ways or behind service desks," he adds.
Some senior government officials, including Artur Mas i Gavarro, the Catalan Prime Minister, were forced to arrive in their offices by police helicopter since demonstrators had blocked entrance ways.
Turk Telekom Arena has a parking lot with a capacity of 4,500 vehicles as well as VIP entrances, VIP halls and private entrance ways.
IN EVERY MAJOR city in Canada, you can see people, huddled over grates, covered with sleeping bags, taking shelter in entrance ways to stay warm.
Clayton Fields Action Group secretary Mike Hardy said: "As far as I am aware the fences have been pushed down to create entrance ways at several locations and the community has been using the site.